Business EngliSH for Workplace

Develop and improve English communication skills in the workplace for employees and managers at any level of English proficiency.

why oxford English U.K Vietnam?


Mr. Kenneth John Kelsey
Nationality: American

Qualification: MBA-Western Illinois University
Teaching Certificate: CELTA
25 years experience in Hotel and Hospitality Training and Management. 10 years experience in teaching of business communication, soft skills and IELTS.
Teaching course: English for Restaurant and Catering, English for Hotel and Hospitality, Business English Communication, Presentation skill.

Mr. Peter Christovic
Nationality: British

Qualification: B.S in Chemistry, MBA-University of Susse
Experience: 20 years experiences working in HR development advisor for many big companies and corporation in Europe and U.K
Teaching course Leadership management, Presentation skill, Negotiation skill, Business English

Mr. Chris Anderson
Nationality: American

Qualification: PhD in Philosophy-State University of New York
Teaching Certificate:TESOL
Experience: 8 years being Professor of Philosophy and Research Method at Southern New Hampshire University, SUNY Schenectady County Community College.
Teaching course: Research Method and Academic Writing, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Interpersonal Skills..

Mr. Kevin Martin Doyle
Nationality: American

Qualification: Master of Communication- Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
B.A of Law – Saint Louis University School of Law.
Teaching Certificate:CELTA
Experience: 10 years experience in law consultant, 5 years experience in teaching Business
Experience: 12 years experiences in law advisor for corporate clients. 5 years experience in teaching English Communication.
Teaching course: Business Communication. Presentation, Negotiation Skills.

Mr. Brian McCathy
Nationality: Ireland

Qualification: B.A in Finance – The School of Professional Finance – University College Dublin
Teaching Certificate: Master of TEFL
Experience:8 years experience working as Stock broker, 12 year experiences in Teaching Business Communication and Leadership Skills courses.
Teaching course: Presentation Skills, E-Commerce and E-Marketing, Reporting Performance and Results, Customer Service, Practical Teleconferencing, Satisfaction and Loyalty, Business Communication Skills, Secretarial Skills, Influence and Persuasion

Ms Dang Hong Thang
Nationality: Vietnam

B. A of International Trade-Hanoi Foreign Trade University – MBA- United Business Institute (Brussels-Belgium).
Experiences: 22 years experience in sales and customer service management.
Teaching courses: Sales Skill, Communication Skills, Negotiation skills.


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