Oxford English is a subsidiary company of Oxford English UK LTD, which is based in 57 Oxford Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX169AUK-England. We have been serving the needs of Vietnamese businesses since 2003. Our school meets international quality standards approved by City & Guilds. Our teachers are skilled professionals providing the highest level of education and personal attention. Our staff provides the finest customer care and quality control. Our primary business is responding to the English needs of your company’s employees and the demands of your customers.



At Oxford English:

  • We work directly with you to create a tailor-made English training program that meets your specific needs.
  • We provide expert native English teachers and professionals who are experienced in teaching English and business classes.
  • We offer our services at an affordable cost that will greatly enhance the benefits you receive.
  • We bring convenience to you by teaching at your offices or welcoming you to our training center.

three values we can add to you?


We design our training to be cost effective, robust and fun, engaging participants and equipping them for the future. It is our goal to have a positive effect on your business by:

  • Enhancing individual performance in verbal and written communication.
  • Improving productivity by enabling trainees to work faster and more efficiently in English.
  • Improving your staff retention and motivation.
  • Providing training directly relevant to your workplace.
  • Giving trainees a sense of accomplishment through their personal development of highly relevant English skills.


  • Detailed pre-course testing
  • Assessment driven instruction
  • A focus on speaking and listening in class
  • Challenging and productive reading and writing homework
  • Detailed feedback and correction from our teachers
  • Regular review and progress assessment


To provide highly effective English language training programs, English for Specific Purposes training programs, which include short-term business courses so that your employees see immediate and significant improvement. Our philosophy when working with students is to provide professional teaching with personal attention based on the following key principles:

  • Treat every student equally.
  • Invest time in gaining a deep understanding of our students’ individual needs.
  • Develop training that is based on an assessment of our students’ needs rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ training.



Business English for the Workplace

Develop and improve English communication skills in the workplace for employees and managers at any level of English proficiency.

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Business English Communication

The course was designed with the basic goal of improving the ability of using English in business environment. The course focuses on developing essential…

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Business English with TOEIC test skills

Develop business English communication skills while preparing for TOEIC examination.

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Oxford English Rapid success individual tutoring for the Leaders

Special classes for individual executives or small groups to improve English skills rapidly and effectively.

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Business English for the hotel & tourism Industry

Develop and improve ability to deliver professional customer service in English for hotel employees and staff in the tourism industry.

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Business English for Banking & Finance Industry

Build banking and financial English skills for staff, such as tellers, accountants and managers

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Business English for IT, Petro and Construction

The course focuses on building vocabulary, developing pronunciation and improving your ability to understand spoken and written English through a fast moving…

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Business English for IT, Petro and Construction

The course focuses on building vocabulary, developing pronunciation and improving your ability to understand spoken and written English through a fast moving…

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Soft skills Course

Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which are about a person’s skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity, soft skills relate to a person’s ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.


Customer service

Improve business success by placing customer first

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Learn how to negotiate for your interests and towards win-win solutions

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We offer proven methods for ensuring success with each and every presentation

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Team building & team Work

Improve cooperation among employees and Manager

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English Proficiency Test

We provide the English Proficiency Test for officials and employees according to any structure such as TOEIC, IELTS, CEFR level…


We are education organisation from U.K. Our teachers and experts are native speakers, graduating from recognised Universities and are certified in international English teaching as TESOL/TEFL/ CELTA. They are skilled professionals providing the highest level of educating and personal attention.

Mr. Kenneth John Kelsey
Nationality: American

Qualification: MBA-Western Illinois University

Teaching Certificate: CELTA

Experiences: 25 years experience in Hotel and hospitality training and management. 10 years experience in teaching of business communication, soft skill and IELTS

Teaching courses: English for restaurant and catering, English for Hotel and Hospitality, Business English communication, Presentation skill.

Ms Dang Hong Thang
Nationality: Vietnamese

Qualification: B. A of International Trade-Hanoi Foreign Trade University.

MBA- United Business Institute (Brussels-Belgium).

Experiences: 22 years experience in sales and customer service management.

Teaching courses: Sales skill, Communication skill, Negotiation skills.

Mr. Peter Christovic
Nationality: British

Qualification: B.S in Chemistry, MBA-University of Sussex

Experiences: 20 years experiences working in HR development advisor for many big companies and corporation in Europe and U.K

Teaching courses: Leadership management, Presentation skill, Negotiation skill, Business English

Nationality: Canada

Qualification: Bachelors Degree, Electrician – Construction And Maintanience. George Brown College, Toronto

Teaching Certificate: CELTA

Experiences: 10 years experiences in teaching English

Nationality: IRELAND

Teaching Certificate: CELTA

Teaching courses: Business Communication. Presentation, Negotiation Skills.

Mr. Brian McCathy
Nationality: Ireland

Qualification: B.A in Finance – The School of Professional Finance – University College Dublin

Teaching Certificate: Master of TEFL

Experiences: 8 years experience working as Stock broker, 12 year experiences in Teaching Business Communication and Leadership Skills courses.

Teaching courses: Presentation Skills, Customer Service,Satisfaction and Loyalty, Business Communication Skills, Secretarial Skills, Influence and Persuasion

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